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The first paragraph especially amuses me, since I notice something similar every Friday evening at dinner. Being practicing Orthodox Jews, my husband and I observe The Sabbath on Friday nights and Saturdays. During weeknight dinners, we’ll often google things that come up in conversation— but not on Friday nights! It’s kind of fun watching a bunch of our friends uncomfortably fidget at the dinner table when they want to check a debated fact, but can’t pick up their iPhones to google it. I guess we have the credit for keeping the hardbound encyclopedia in business (except that none of us own any…)!


The Dilemma of Being a Cyborg happened to be a very interesting NYTimes article (written by Carina Chocano), but I never would have read it had it not been for the Tom Gauld illustration that adorned the link in the NYTimes app. Tom Gauld is one of my comics heroes and the illustration associated with this article shows the true brilliance of his work.

(In case I didn’t make it clear, the article is worth a read as well.)



My newest comic, Sarah and the Seed, is finally done!

click here to read it!

Even better, Mr. Roth reminds me of my Uncle Arnold. Even looks and talks like him. Since it’s that time of year, I think I’ll buy Unc’s favorite Panattone and read some comics by his doppelgänger!


Arnold Roth’s 1979 panel strip Downtown begins running at his Humblug blog. “It was syndicated but never ran and has never earned a cent.”



Scanned version of Renee French’s “Meine bird.”

Can’t get enough. For proof, see next post.


Stuckism” - drawing by Renee French.

Wouldn’t it be nice if something could be effortless?


Sketchbook pages from “What It Is” by Lynda Barry


When you’re drawing something or writing something there always comes a point when the image seems to stop and it makes you become unsure about what you’re doing and so you stop too.

When this happens it’s good to have a pad of paper right next to you so you can move your hand over to it and just make any kind of mark in order to keep your hand in motion.  Moving your hand can help the image start up again, even if all you are doing is slowly writing the alphabet or making is a spiral.

This can help you keep what you’ve done intact while you wait through the worry over image starting up again. Sometimes when the image stops, we go back over what we’ve done and we may try to start fixing something that isn’t broken. Keeping your hand in motion may help you stay put until the image begins to flicker back up again.

If you use this pad of paper to keep your hand moving whenever you don’t know what to do next, the marks that accumulate start to become an odd and kind of effortless diary.

A great list just in time for another trip home to buy books! I’ve got to second his votes for Paying for It and Scenes from an Impending Marriage. Adding the rest to my Amazon cart RIGHT THIS SECOND..


2011 was another great year for books. As has become an annual tradition here are my favourite books from the past year, just in time for your holiday shopping — every one of these, perfect for the cartoon/illustration/design nerd on your list. Or get yourself a little something. Treat yourself.

A Peek Inside Lynda Barry’s Newest Collection

It’s SO cool that Shorties: The Best of The Graphic Short Story Prize 2007-2011 is out as a free e-book. Honestly, I don’t understand why it’s free. I would have been glad to pay to read the fantastic work it collects. The (Cape/ Observer/ Comica) Graphic Short Story Prize is a British competition judges new entries each year. This year’s winners are announced here (links to their winning entries are also provided):


Here’s The Guardian’s article on the prize:


Click the above image to see the e-collection.

I can’t wait! My retrofitcomics packages are my favorite ones! (No, not just because they come straight to my door and I don’t have to go to the post office four times to get them…)


Interview with Pat Aulisio on Robot 6 where they talk about Pat’s new Retrofit book BOWMAN which will be shipping early next week!

Welcome to my life. Well, substitute Hebrew for French…


Frenching (by bravofact)

Joe Ollman, aka one of the nicest guys in comics, stars in this funny animated short about being an anglophone in Montreal. I liked seeing Joe’s style animated, and wish there was more.

Can one ever truly get enough of Mr. John Martz??


From today’s Globe and Mail. Sing along! As always, click through for full size.

(via johnmartz)

Got a chance to chat with Steve McGarry at the last NCS Reubens Weekend and I just love his work. So glad he posts regular updates on FB. Check out his fantastic website too! My favorite is his Syndicated Biographic, but don’t let that keep you from reading absolutely everything on his site. Twice.

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