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The last Dharbin post for this week. (I promise to TRY, at least.) I’ve always wanted to know how to use this thing correctly and leave it to Dharbin to finally be thorough enough to explain it properly. Can’t wait to try this out with my next comic!

Incidentally, Dharbin was kind enough to read my newest comic and I can’t express my appreciation enough— or on enough social media sites. Can’t wait to show it to you all as the series comes together.

Ok I’m sure it’s getting tiring that I basically repost everything Dustin Harbin puts on his blog, but it’s just such great stuff and I can’t stand the idea that someone might miss it. Just put up with my Dharbin obsession today and tomorrow and I’ll come up with something less predictable for later in the week.

Also, in case it wasn’t clear, the images are always his also, unless I state otherwise.

Hope the Americans had a Happy Labor Day! I’m a bit jealous of your long weekend, I’ve gotta be honest…

Just so much to learn from this guy.


(MORE) FACES OF ROBOCOP. A few of the sketches I’ve done to ship with the first short run of my Faces of Robocop print. Basically any character from the movie you want. I’m going to close this offer down pretty soon, so if you’re interested, you had better grip it while you can

Okay. This gets us all caught up with Dustin Harbin’s process sharing so far. I cannot properly express my appreciation to him for donating the time and energy it clearly took to share all of this precious information. I can’t wait to share MUCH more professional work from now on, thanks to everything I’ve learned here.

Second day in a row, I know. I didn’t notice he’d posted so many more while I was lost in my own work, but this one especially comes at the perfect time. I’m literally trying to reinstall my scanner as we speak! (Why this MUST start all the way back with reinstalling Adobe CS I’ll never quite understand, but) whilst I wage the next skirmish against my computer, I can re-read these helpful tidbits to be really prepared when I can finally scan my newest work!

Okay I know I’ve already pointed this out twice— once for each of the first two installments— but Dustin Harbin’s willingness to share his process has been *SO* helpful to me that I can’t help myself.

Thank you, Dustin Harbin, for being a constant inspiration for me. And a hearty Mazel Tov for a well-deserved nomination for the Harvey Award!

dharbin is quickly becoming a new favorite of mine and I often enjoy his tweets at least as much as his work— which is really saying something! Very cool to catch this on my feed attached to my favorite blog.



(via HOW *I* DO IT :: Tools Baby Tools | DHARBIN!)

Dustin Harbin embarks on a series of posts about his comics-making process. I am looking forward to more of these.

Well shucks! Drawn.ca picked the post I made today, the first one in a series of posts about process from tools all the way to setting up at conventions. My site is struggling under the attention, but keep trying if you can’t get it to load! 

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